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Both of my parents met in WW II at Eglin Air Force base in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  Dad said that the first time he saw mom she was selling cigarettes and newspapers in the PX.  He fell instantly in love and said, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.” And he did. Mom was in the Women’s Army Air Corp working in the clerical pool (state side) and dad was stationed in England.  He was a belly gunner on a B-17 bomber and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for shooting down two (some say three) German fighter planes.

Mom was a Kansas Methodist and Dad was a Brooklyn Jew both of their parents said, “it would never last.”  Boy were they mistaken! They were married for 62 years when dad passed away.

Mom was a poet and this poem was the last one that she wrote.  I hope you enjoy it.

Mom WWII Military Portrait 001

I have a little scooter

That I ride down the street

I can go so fast

You can hardly see my feet

I often run a race

With my brother on his bike

And when I ask dad, who is the fastest

He says we’re both just alike

~Iona Louise Bird Bishop

Dad was a man whose mission in life was to “cheer people up and make them laugh.”  And this mission was accomplished as well.  He was an avid baseball fan as you can tell from the message below that he recorded on his answering machine at home. I found the handwritten note on which he wrote the message recently and it was fun seeing dad’s handwriting and hearing (in my head) his voice as I read it.

“It’s the top of the ninth with 2 outs and the Bishops at bat, the pitcher throws and the Bishops hit to the short stop, who throws to first and the Bishops OUT!  But they will be back shortly, so if you leave the time, your name and the phone number, they will get back to you shortly.  Thanks for calling and have a happy day with a big smile.  Wait for the beep.”

Dad WWII Portrait Military Uniform 001

In Loving Memory to my parents on this Veterans Day,

Daughter #2

Kathleen Ann Bishop

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