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When the phone rings and you hear the voice of someone you have not spoken to in a very long time you are happy and excited to hear his or her voice, yet a small whisper of a thought often begins to emerge, “I sure hope this is not bad news” and some times it is.  For me that call from Catherine was to tell me that our dear friend Jack Corbett had passed away.  I did not know he had been ill and that was because he did not want anyone to know, nor did he want visitors in the hospital or hospice.  He was not young in years but he was definitely young at heart.

I know I am not supposed to out someone in AA but he was not shy about talking about AA, inviting people to AA, sponsoring hundreds of people over the 30+ he was a member and giving them unconditional love and support.  He was the greatest example of what AA was all about.

He was also a life long member of the Unity Church to which I belonged.  I was his teacher early on and then his minister and he followed me no matter where I went to minister.  Jack offered to be on my board when I started my own church, Unity by the Ocean in Fort Lauderdale, he worked tirelessly to keep the church running, volunteering his time, talent, and treasure in way to many ways to even mention.

I know that Jack’s presence on earth was a miracle.  He ran away from home at the age of 13 due to some very horrible conditions in which he lived.  He was homeless at the age of 14.  And in his early 20’s graduated from Rutgers College in NJ.  Now that’s a feat! He was my mentor, my friend, and my idol.  To be like him was my goal in trying to reach that goal I became a better person. Just knowing him is a treasure and one of the Jewel’s in Indra’s net that I am blessed to have in my collection.

Good-by Jack and good luck in your next adventure!

In gassho,

Kathy (Shokai)

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