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Who am I? What an interesting idea to contemplate. For many I am their college professor, for others I am a great guest speaker, trainer, and motivator for their staff, students, and participants. But for some I am their care giver, their friend, their helper, their mentor, there member, or their confidant. I hope what I write and post on my blog and on Twitter (@DrKABishop) will demonstrate all of these parts of me and more. If you would Like a PDF of any of my workbooks please drop me a line at shokai1210@gmail.com and let me know which one and I'll attach it to the email! Thanks for reading my blog and I hope if it resonates with you that you'll share the link with others. In gassho, Shokai I hope that what I write will inspire you to be all that you have been and more. If you like what you read here I hope you'll check out the Southern Palm Zen Group's website at www.floridazen.com In Gassho, Kathy (Shokai)

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