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The meditation and affirmations lunch breaks with my faculty friends at Purdue University Global is going nicely. They are really enjoying the short time period (15 minutes from start to finish) plus the affirmation that sets the tone for the meditation helps them a lot as well.

It has been so successful we’ve added several more meetings with new affirmations associated with them. I am sharing them with you and I hope that you will be able to share them with others. Your families, friends, and co-workers could find them beneficial in these challenging times.

Below are our new affirmations:
Resilience: I see myself being resilient in any and all situations in my life. In spite of setbacks, barriers, or limited resources I am able to overcome all obstacles with the resilience that is in me!

Patience: Patience is “the soul of peace-tis nearest kind to heaven.” Today I sit and meditate with patience~till stillness envelopes my body, mind, and spirit. (1)

Compassion: I make a difference in this world by living a life enveloped in peace, love and compassion.  I share my compassion with those who are suffering and find ways to help each day.

Empathy: Empathy means that you can feel what a person is feeling.  Today I walk in someone else’s shoes to remind myself that empathy is not the same as sympathy.  “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet.”

Rest:  I rest in the quiet peaceful place within me.

Focus: I focus my mind, body, and spirit on my breath. Breathing in and breathing out with ease.

Peace: Peaceful breath, peaceful mind, peaceful body…peace flows through me, in me,  and around me now.


(1) Patience by Thomas Dekker

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