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Dear friends, The Center for Teaching and Learning at Purdue University Global where I work online teaching has invited me to offer a series of meditations for our faculty and staff.  After a short brainstorming session we decided to start with an affirmation and then move into our silent meditation.  The entire process will be completed in only 15 minutes.

I am so excited to share these meditations and affirmations with my colleagues and friends and with all of you.

Please feel free to use them and to share them with others.  I hope they will help you get through these difficult times and show you that the future can be bigger and brighter than you may think.

Be well and singasshotay safe my friends.





Session 1: Healing

Nothing can hurt me or make me sick or afraid. I manifest healing in
all areas of my life. I know that a positive and upbeat attitude keeps
me moving forward toward a life filled with joyful expectations,
perfect health, and a perfect life for myself and others.

Session 2: Health

I am the epitome of health. I affirm health every day upon awakening.
I am perfect in mind, body, and spirit with the energy and drive to
effortlessly do the things I have to do today.

Session 3: Happiness

Happiness is the elixir of life.  It fills my mind, my body, and my
heart with laughter, joy, and positivity.  Happiness is catchy and can
change the energy in the room, in my life, and everywhere I am in a

Session 4 Prosperity

Prosperity for me is having a rich state of mind! There are
opportunities given to me daily.  I am rich in friendships, work,
health, and a good secure career supporting all of my needs.

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