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My father and the Zen Master Hakuin had one thing in common—they both had a great sense of humor! My father had the ability to get people to laugh any time anywhere.  He was a professional photographer and did thousands of family portraits in his lifetime.  He was able to get the most frightened child to the most suppressed adult to smile as he snapped the picture.  He also loved to joke with the cashier in every store to help cheer them up.

Stevens writes this about humor and Hakuin:

Hakuin’s grim do-or-die kensho Zen was balanced by his insistence that Zen training must include fits of ecstatic, blissful laughter; the deeper the kensho, the more one overflows side-splitting mirth.  He also said, “Those who understand jokes are many; those who understand true laughter are few (page 79).”[1]

Kensho for most students of Zen is simply “an initial enlightenment experience that still requires to be deepened (page 113).[2]  On one of my retreats I could feel this great joy and laughter beginning to come alive in me but I knew I was at a silent retreat and could not just burst out in laughter in the middle of the Zendo that was for sure!  So, I quickly jumped up off my cushion and ran out of the building and allowed myself to laugh and feel the joy in every cell of my body and mind.  I had no idea that this reaction had a name as I was a new student of Zen, but I sure enjoyed the feeling that it gave me!

When was the last time you had a real “belly laugh?”  When was the last time you watched a comedy show or a comedy movie and actually laughed out loud?  Laughter has a healing power all of its own!  “Consistent evidence has been shown that laughter, over time, offers significant medical benefits, including boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, improving heart and respiratory functions, even regulating blood sugar.”[3]

We all want to live a meaningful life and being able to laugh and share that laugh with others will bring meaning to your life and greater health!  How can you turn that away!?  Won’t you join me in a great big belly laugh today!  It could change your life for the better…

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